This is the moment, When all I've done - All the dreaming, Scheming and screaming, Become one!

This is the moment - My final test - Destiny beckoned, I never reckoned, Second Best! I won't look down, I must not fall!

This is the moment, The sweetest moment of them all! This is the moment! Damn all the odds! This day, or never, I'll sit forever with the gods!

Mar. 17th, 2020

[Character contact and information for [info]rooms]

Character: Dr. Henry Jekyll, and sometimes Mr. Edward Hyde
Character residence: Somewhere in the Penny Dreadful Door
Character's Door: Penny Dreadful
Player name: Jeannie
Timezone: PDT
Public contact information:

Mar. 17th, 2015

Application: Rooms

It's the feeling of being alive! Filled with evil, but truly alive! It's the truth that cannot be denied! It's the feeling of being Edward Hyde! )